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914-6 Conversion

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Dr. Hernadez's
"Black Beauty"
914-6 Conversion

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The Quick Six Fix conversion for your 914 4-Cylinder into a 914-6 is a very popular package sold to the customer that has the terminal case of " I've got to have one". It will also increase your 914's value.

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Easy Installation

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Looks and Sound of Performance

The 914-6 was a popular production car and even raced in LE MANS, finishing when most factory race cars did not.
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914-6 Sheet Metal

MOTOR MEISTER's 914-6 conversion is sold as a performance package. You must be either a true Porsche lover, single, or love to go fast. MOTOR MEISTER sells the most complete package ever sold. We give you fun and enjoyment and most of all bragging rights!

Check your local states smog laws!!!!

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Turn-Key Motors
Ready To Go!

The Factory 914-6 put out 110 H.P. At MOTOR MEISTER we knew you had to have more than just 110 H.P., so we gave it to you at an affordable price. All prices listed are REBUILT motors with NO exchange and come with the package parts listed above. This listing is one of our most popular packages, but we can build to suit your needs. 
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Custom Oil Tanks

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914-6 Headers


What do you get with a
   "QUICK SIX FIX" conversion?

Motor Internal & External Parts

914-6 Performance

14-New Main bearings
·        German Glyco
1-Number #8 Main bearing
·        Std/ Std
·        German
1-New #8 main bearing seal
·        German Reinz
1-New #8 main bearing Pin
·        Factory Porsche
12-New Rod bearings
·        German Glyco
4-New Intermediate bearings
·        German Glyco
12-new bronze phos. Valve guides
·        Longer lasting
·        Better lubrication
·        Harder material
12-New Teflon valve stem seals
·        Longer lasting then stock
6-Heads “Complete valve job”
·        German
·        set valve spring height
·        bead blast heads
·        cut valve seats
·        cut valves
·        machine valve stem heads
6-Intake valves
·        German
6-Exhaust valves
·        German
12-Inner & 12-outer Valve springs
·        German
4-New Oil return tubes
·        German
8-New oil return tube seals
·        German Viton
1-Piston rings, New
·        Stock
6-Connecting rods
·        Rebuilt in spec
12-New rod bolts
·        German Iwis
12-New rod nuts
·        German Iwis
2-Performance Camshafts
·        Midrange (Daily Performance use)
2-New cam locking pins
·        Factory Porsche
2-New cam key ways
·        Factory Porsche
2-Camshaft end caps
·        German
2-Camshaft nuts
·        German
2-Camshaft washers
·        German
2-New one piece chains
·        German Iwis
6-New turbo chain rails
·        Longer lasting
·        German Swag
4-Upper & Lower Valve covers
·        Inspected and resurfaced
2-Cam housings
·        Resurfaced
·        Inspected and resurfaced
2-Cam housing covers
·        Resurfaced
·        Inspected and resurfaced
2- Oil spray bars
·        Cleaned and tested
2-Camshaft towers
·        Resurfaced
·        Micro polished bores
12-Rocker shafts
·        Shafts re-polished
·        Bushings bores honed
·        Radius cut
1-New front main seal
·        German Reinz
1-New rear main seal
·        German Reinz
·        Skirt inspected for tolerance
·        Piston ring grooves inspected and cleaned
·        Piston pin bores polished
·        Pistons final preparation for installation
·        German
·        Cleaned and inspected for tolerances
·        Cylinder bases upper and lower checked for warpage
·        Cylinder walls prepped for piston installation
·        German
6-Pistons pins
·        Micro-polished
·        German
12-Piston pin clips
·        Factory Porsche
1-Oil thermostat
·        Cleaned and tested
·        German
1-New Oil thermostat seal
·        German Reinz
·        Magnufluxed
·        All journals measured for clearance and tolerances
·        Micropolished rod and main journals
·        and micropolished
·        German
1-914-6 Flywheel
·        Inspected and resurfaced
·        German
1-Oil pump
·        Hand inspected for tolerances
·        Disassembled and prepped
·        Reassembled and re-sealed
·        German
Oil Pump seals
·        German Reinz
3-Oil pump lock tabs
·        Factory Porsche
1-Intermediate shaft
·        Inspected for straightness and cleaned
·        German
1-Intermediate Aluminum gear
·        Debured
·        German
1-Oil cooler “Modified for 914-6”
·        Inspected and flushed out.
·        Pressure tested
·        Outer grills cleaned
·        Air Craft fitted for braided hose
·        Factory
3-Oil cooler seals
·        German Reinz
1-Crankshaft drive gear and spacers
·        German
2-Camshafts gears
·        Inspected and cleaned
·        Debur all sprocket teeth
2-Intermidate shaft gears inner and outer
·        Inspected and cleaned
·        Debur all sprocket teeth
2-Idler sprockets
·        Inspected and cleaned
·        Debur all sprocket teeth
2-Idler arms
·        German
Engine case
·        Line bore inspected for tolerance
·        Spigot holes and face inspected for warpage
·        Bearing saddles polished and debured
·        Case matting surfaces resurfaced and cleaned
·        Oil galleries cleaned and inspected
·        Head studs hole threads chased and cleaned
24-Head stud nuts and washers
·        Germans
6-new head copper gaskets
·        German Reinz
11-Case studs
·        Threads chased
·        German
11-Case stud nuts
·        German
24-new case o’rings
·        German Reinz
All new aluminum crush washers 6mm & 8mm
·        German Reinz
All new zinc plated 6mm & 8mm lock nuts
·        German Wurth
1-set of Turbo cylinder cooling tin altered
·        Better cylinder cooling
·        German
1-Set of cylinder cooling clips
·        German
4-New valve cover gaskets
·        German Reinz
1-Stock Muffler
·       German, take off
2-New 914-6 headers
·        Any size available
·        American Made
2-Muffler gaskets
·        German Reinz
1-Complete exhaust hardware
·        German Wurth
1-New oil switch and gasket
·        German
1-Heat temp switch and gasket
·        German
1-Oil pressure switch and gasket
·        German
1-Oil breather cap and gasket
1-914-6 sheet metal, new
·        Complete 5-Piece kit
1-Complete set of Shrouding screws and washers
·        German Wurth
1-Fan housing
·        Re-Painted to your choice of color
·        German
1-Inner fan housing snorkel
·        German
1-Alternator aluminum housing
·        German
1-Fan housing strap and hardware
·        German
1-Crank pulley lower
·        German
1-Crank pulley bolt
·        German
1-Fan belt
·        German continental
1-Stock Clutch disc.
·        German
1-Pressure plate
·        German
1-New Pilot bearing
·        German
6-New Flywheel bolts
·        German
1-Intermediate shaft cover and gasket
·        Resurfaced
·        German
2-Turbo chain tensioners
·        German
2-Saftey stops
·        USA made
2-New cam oil lines and fittings
·        German
2-RSR type air side plate block off plates, new
·        Special composite
1-Motor mount, new
·        No drilling
·        Adjustable for height
·        Strengthen and reinforced
Wiring complete for bolt in
·        With instructions
11-Blade Fan
·        German
Fan pulley, nut, and key way and washers
·        German
Bosch alternator
·        Rebuilt
·        Tested
·        German
Performance wires, new
·        High voltage
6-Wire separators, new
·        Custom Chrome
6-NGK spark plugs, new
·        Correct heat range
Performance dry sump oil tank, new
·        Stainless steel brackets
1-Performance Recurved Bosch Distributor
·        Tested on Dyno
·        Rebuilt
·        German
1-Bosch dist Cap
·        German
1-Bosch dist Rotor
·        German
1-Bosch Points
·        German
Distributor clamp and seal
·        German
2-Twin carburetors
·        Rebuilt and hot run tested
·        German
·        resurfaced
·        German
1-Complete linkage, bell cranks and arms
·        German
6-Velocity stacks
·        Gaskets and hardware
1-Factory Air Cleaner
1-Factory Air Filter
2-Air Cleaner Bases
6-Intake gaskets
·        German Reinz
6-Manifold gaskets
·        German Reinz

Motor also comes in color you choose
(Red. Blue, Black, Green, Orange, or ?)

So as you can see there is a lot more needed then popping in an old' 911 motor in a 914 to make a quality 914-6 conversion.

The above is what comes in Motor Meister's 914-6 Conversion, if you would like to add or change around any of the parts please

Contact us at 1-800-756-0956

Motor Comes Pre-Run & Ready To GO!

1. Take old 4 CYLINDER motor out of the car complete (we provide removal &  installation instructions)
a.       Do not remove clutch
b.       Do not remove fuel system
c.       Do not remove exhaust.
d.       Do not remove ANYTHING!
e.       Now, sale that old 4 cylinder or what ever you choose, because you will not need it any more J.


2.  Motor Meister’s job!
a.       Build complete 914-6 motor
b.       Paint it up for the new SIX looks as sharp as it will sound
c.       Install completed motor on test machine.
d.       Add motor oil to motor
e.       Start motor up and run.
f.        Dial in fuel system
g.       Set ignition.
h.       Do compression test.
i.         Do leak down test.
j.         Do oil pressure test.
k.       Drain oil from motor.
l.       Wipe off clean.
m.       Remove from test stand

Read for pick-up!

914-6 Conversion Prices:

 Rebuilt 2.0 . . . $6495.00 with 145 H.P.

 Rebuilt 2.2 . . . $6,495.00 with 165 H.P.

 Rebuilt 2.4 . . . $6,995.00 with 175 H.P.

 Rebuilt 2.7 . . ..$7,495.00 with 210 H.P.

 Rebuilt 3.0 . . . $9,995.00 with 245 H.P.

 Rebuilt 3.2 . . . $10,995.00 with 255 H.P .

 Rebuilt 3.6 . . . $14,995.00 with 300+ H.P.

 Rebuilt 3.8 or bigger . . . Call!


Motor Meister's Customer's

914-6 Conversions

~ce16.bmp (921654 bytes)           Copy of motorbox3.bmp (921654 bytes)

Tony's 914-4 Sitting For A 914-6           914-6 Conv Arives Safe & Sound

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            914-6 Installed          A Bit' Of Paint, Time & Fun!wpe9.jpg (4989 bytes)Don Newton's BAD-ASS 914-6 Conv.!

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Don's 914-6 Racer                     NOW Fatter In The Rear!

wpeA.jpg (4261 bytes)Kathy's Racin' Racer 914-6 Conv.!

 lwf8.jpg (74344 bytes)     lwf2.jpg (59873 bytes)

Kathy Ready For The Start          Check Out The Lisc Plate!


wpeB.jpg (4884 bytes) Mike's "ORANGE BANG" Race Car!


wpeC.jpg (4007 bytes) Bob's Perfected 914-6 Conv. Classic!

wpeE.jpg (10006 bytes) Bruce & Son's Ready For  914-6 Action!

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Building a 914-6 Can Be Fun For The Whole Family!


wpeD.jpg (4231 bytes) Bob's Stricktly Buiz'nezz 914-6 Conv!

JimD2.jpg (52702 bytes)                           JimD3.jpg (54422 bytes)

Jim's Nice but Naughty   Racing 914-6 Conv!

lwf18.jpg (87570 bytes)          lwf17.jpg (76603 bytes)

Some Racers Take It To The Limits!

lwf12.jpg (87616 bytes)                 lwf11.jpg (59275 bytes)

John's Very Clean, Fast & Detailed 914-6 Conv.!


lwf9.jpg (53959 bytes)

Our Customer Had A Need For Speed & Reliablity

In His Historic Racer!

Hmmm, so you do not have a 914 but a Vintage Race Car?

Or a Kit Car? Motor Meister sells 911-6 Conversions for

"YOUR" application, give us a call TODAY!

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or e-mail MotorMeister@aol.com


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