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Motor Meister's 911 Engines

911 Engine History

8-914-6b.jpg (9635 bytes)The 911 engine was an outgrowth of Porsche's highly successful "four cam" racing engines used in Porsche Spiders. The 911 engine was a "clean sheet" design. It incorporated much of the Spiders' reliability features, such as the dry sump oiling system, overhead cam design and air cooling. The 911 engine stayed away from the over complexities of the pure racing engine. The final factor contributing to the successfulness of the 911 engine was the superior execution of the manufacturing process. Never before had a moderately priced sports car engine incorporated the finest in metals and metal working processes available, as evidenced in the forged connecting rods, the sodium filled valves, etc....like jewelry in their detail.

Throughout its own thirty year history, the 911 engine has undergone improvement in details, but basically the 2.0 through 3.6 are the same, attesting to its' excellent first draft design. To add further credibility to this engine design, it has been adopted in the production of airplanes. The next time you see a blimp in the sky, realize there is a good chance that it is powered by turbo Porsche aero 911 engines.

We at Motor Meister have been committed to rebuilding Porsche 911 engines since 1976 when Lee, our head mechanic, rebuilt his first 911 engine. At that time, he worked cooperatively with some of the best Porsche engine builders in Southern California. Having successfully raced British sports cars since 1967, Lee's objective was to become more competitive. In order to do so, he had to replace most of the major components of the British engine with racing parts.


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