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Porsche 911 Heads
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Porsche 911 Head
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Porsche 911 Head

Motor Meister provides heads for all Porsches. We sell stock heads for the customer who needs reliability and quality, performance racing heads for the customer that needs bottom end torque for autocross needs, or the club racer that needs power all around. For the racer we give top-end horsepower where he or she will need it most. We can provide engine heads as either stock or custom.

Ingredients for making a high quality head are the best quality parts on the market and our expertise rebuilding over 2000 Porsche heads.

Motor Meister has tried many different parts in our testing.
Some are good, some are bad and some are - considered by us - snake oil.

All standard rebuilt Porsche heads come with the following:

  1. Valve stem seals: We use Teflon valve stem seals. These seals are made for long life and are sized exact for a fit ensuring an accurate valve stem lubrication to prevent premature wear. These seals do not come in the factory gasket kit where they use dark gray seals. We do not use these because they do not provide the quality we expect.
  1. Valve guides: Most Porsches came with either copper or bronze valve guides. Motor Meister uses a phosphorous bronze valve guide. We have never had a failure with these guides. These valve guides last longer then the silicone bronze which are better self lubricating.
  1. Valve springs: Valve springs are all tested for strength and quality. Each spring is hand inspected for flaws and pitting. A small singular pit can cause a failure by breaking. Most customers and mechanics only check for strength, but there is a lot more that they must consider.
  1. Valves: Every valve is first hand inspected, cleaned, checked for straightness and then machined serviced on the valve tip and matting surface. Our valve machinist is set up to do Porsche valves, not big thick American valves. Most valve jobs we have seen are done by American shops, which do great work for an American truck! They usually cut too much off the valve matting surface and then it is to thin. If they are to thin it can lead to a burnt valve. Since some Porsche valves reach the price of $215.00 each for a 1969 S exhaust valve, you need someone that knows how to save the valve and machine it correctly, not just replace it.

All heads are cleaned and bead blasted for a quality look. Motor Meister’s rebuilt Porsche heads come ready to go, fully assembled with the spring height already adjusted.

Motor Meister has a huge inventory if you need a donor head, parts, or are doing your own head work. For the do-it-yourselfer, we have over 10,000 used heads, valves, seats and more for all Porsche cars.

We also sell performance heads and racing parts, for the needs of our racers. All parts sold have been tried and proven by Motor Meister.

  1. Performance valve springs: A must for the race motor or the performance street diver. Motor Meister’s performance valve springs are sold in complete sets. These performance valve springs are made in the USA and are the new improved higher springs, rather then the stock height of a standard Porsche spring.
  1. Titanium retainers: These are used for strength and lightness which reduces the movable weight mass in your drivetrain. The titanium valve retainers are sold in sets.  
  1. Racing valve guides: Motor Meister’s performance valve guides are specially designed to reduce restriction in the port flow with a tapered and shortened valve guide tip. They are 10 Rockwell points harder then stock valve guides and their strength exceeds 300,000 P.S.I. These valve guides are more than 200% better in transferring heat than nickel-aluminum bronze ( alloy * 630/63000 ), aluminum silicone bronze ( alloy * 642/64200 ), and even exceeds phosphor bronze ( alloy * 544/54400 ) with 88% copper! Valve guides are sold in sets. 
  1. Stainless Steel valves: Our stainless steel valves are light in weight which provides benefits in the rate of  opening and RPM limits. The radius of the head is such that it significantly improves air and fuel flow. Fully swirled and polished, the stainless steel material also reduces the carbon build up of today’s gases, which reduces heat and weight. 
  1. Titanium valves: Titanium valves speak for themselves, they are the strongest and the lightest you can buy. These are for the serious racer.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Over 1000 heads sold.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Heads on the shelf ready to go.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Improved Teflon valve stem seals.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Phosphorous Bronze valve guides.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Spring height adjusted.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) All valves factory Porsche.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Twin plug modifications.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Improved performance modifications available.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Heads sold complete / ready for installation.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) All heads bead blasted for a superior finish.
yellowdot.gif (545 bytes) Can repair damaged heads, cracks, etc.
Heads available: Prices:
All 911 stock heads complete

Port and polish 911 heads
& Port and polish manifolds

Twin plug modification for 911

Repair cracks

Repair pulled spark plug threads

$ 449.95 set of 6
(plus parts & exchange)

$ 450.00 set of 6 Including manifolds





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Motor Meister Inc. 12262 Woodruff Avenue Downey, California 90241

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